SKORA CORE a Core77 Design Award Winner!
SKORA CORE a Core77 Design Award Winner!
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SKORA Running
SKORA Running is here! Check out at -

I've been working on this project for more than 5 years now and have been directing all aspects from Branding, Identity Design, Strategic Planning, Product Design, Development, Marketing, Packaging and Production-Coordination. Very happy to see the amazing feedback from the market on the brand/product.

New website also just recently launched, implementing my UI and layout design.

Art direction included SS13 lifestyle (runner) photography.

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The Directive Collective
Unlike most footwear design consultants that only provide design services, The Directive Collective offers integrated product and brand design.

It’s easy to think a creative project is all about meeting design, time, budget and market needs. But there’s more. All projects play an important role in the strategic direction of a brand, company or product. Not just product design. Not just giving “creative direction” for others to do the work, but being creatively involved in all aspects of the product to focus the direction of the brand.

This is the focus of The Directive Collective.

Because of our unique integrated approach to design, branding and development, our workflow can maximize the efficiency of resources to deliver a comprehensive package of results in minimal time.

We work with our clients to learn, understand and develop their brands through a strategic creative process. From initial strategic planning consultation to shoe design to final specifications, the most important driver in our work is the development of a cohesive, branded approach.

A full selection of services are available either as a custom package or individually, depending on the specific client and project needs. What makes The Directive Collective unique, is the integrated and strategic approach to all aspects of the product creation process.

While many design offices have a set menu of services or pre-packaged solutions, we prefer to carefully craft a bespoke approach for each client to keep projects focused on key goals and targets. From start-up brand to multinational sportswear giant, we custom tailor each project brief to provide a balance of creative and strategic services that is in keeping with the focus and direction of the brand and individual project. Working in tandem with existing in-house resources, suppliers and product lines, The Directive Collective will ensure a smooth product integration and hand-off of final deliverables and samples.

We can also develop brands from the ground up, establishing new business, creative, and positioning strategies and product.

For each unique problem there is an unique solution.

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The Directive Collective Studio Services and Portfolio PDF

PDF available here

Additional work samples and process images available here

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Frequently Asked Questions
NEW! Please review our FAQ documents which answer common questions and further explains our working process, and how we can help.

The Directive Collective FAQ
PDF available here

For Start-ups and Entrepreneurs, we've compiled a special FAQ.

Entrepreneur Concept FAQ - "I Want to Start a Footwear Brand - Now What?"
PDF available here

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Design Process
The key to successful product design and development is a structured, well-formed design process.

The Directive Collective specializes in providing creative process management to match available time, budget and resources goals.

From concept shoe design to branding, technical development, graphic design and marketing, we provide all services as a part of a well-managed, integrated approach.

Starting with the creation of an overview schedule and planning tool, an integrated creative problem solving process is further developed in-sync with related sales, marketing, design and development departments.

Throughout the creative process, sketches, technical drawings, presentation materials and product samples are efficiently managed using proprietary practical planning tools and standardized methods.

In addition, thanks to our extended Collective network of global creative professionals we are able to draw upon fresh resources on-demand for all types of specialty projects, technical needs, and challenges.

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Strategic planning of integrated creative activites. Management of resources, schedules and targets. Strategic Planning is the first step in ensuring a consistent, branded image and focused footwear design.

Before any creative design activities, it is important to outline and determine an appropriate brand and product strategy.

The Directive Collective uses product and brand focused techniques to determine the optimum management of resources and develop creative and functional planning tools to guide the design process.

Working with the client to first determine the strategic goals of a project, we guide strategic planning ensure that product briefs, brand messages and related goals and targets are on track.

Through the development of a unique strategic plan in connection with product or brand design activities, we can ensure that a cohesive message is communicated and executed across categories, media and product.

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Emotional storytelling, logo and identity design. Branding is more than logo design and application. But we can do that too.

In conjunction with Product Design and Marketing, Strategic Branding can drive a consistent product message that positions a product/brand to the consumer with targeted accuracy and communicates a strong emotional and valuable proposition.

We focus on 3 areas of branding-

Brand Creation (BC) - New brand development focused on establishing a foundation of brand message and identity.

Brand Extension (BX) - Leveraging of an existing brand to further establish a presence in a new product category or market segment.

Brand Development ((BD) - Management and evaluation of an existing brand to further focus or redefine a brand or product message.

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Product DNA
Does your product reflect your brand, even with the logo removed? Does your brand reflect your product?

Product DNA Development considers any new designs in the context of past, existing and future products. In this way brand values and design language are carefully preserved and/or moved forward for strategic purposes.

Establishing and maintaining a consistent Product DNA is key to ensure consistency in design across different product ranges and communicate clearly to the consumer. In addition, a solid DNA and product feature matrix can used by designers to quickly bring new products to market by combining existing concepts/DNA with focused innovation and design.

In developing Product DNA both physical design signatures are standardized as well as emotional product values between and across different categories. The resulting DNA formula and product matrix thereby enables new products to be created using existing family DNA enabling increased market acceptance and leveraging of key marketing concepts across multiple categories for improved revenue opportunities.

A well formed Product DNA looks at all branded products as related members of a family and creates component genes and personalities that can be expressed and shared across categories and markets.

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Concept Design
Product innovation, exploration, form development and functional solutions.

Concept Design focuses on providing design solutions and technical innovation. A wide variety of creative directions are explored and all product elements communicated through sketches, illustrations and specifications ready for prototype shoe development.

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Protoype development, technical specification, production liasion.

Footwear Development encompasses all aspects of taking a product concept to production. Sourcing, prototype development and review with suppliers in Asia, technical product solutions, and production review and confirmation.

With extensive experience in production factories and interaction with key suppliers, The Directive Collective can accurately translate design intent to a realized, final product, at cost, on time and ready for mass production.

The development process may include; last development and measurement, shoe sizing and fit standards, pattern/colorway review, photo/sales samples coordination, prototype and production tooling as well as costing and material services.

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Graphics and Marketing
Visual Communication of brand and product concepts, packaging, hangtags, sales tools and retail graphics.

Graphic Design and Illustration services take the product to the next level. Tuned to manage the entire consumer experience, we can deliver all product graphics, packaging, POS, catalog and accessory branding and communication to ensure the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Designer Q&A Interview now posted to >Design Droplets


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See full SKORA press coverage here: Terra Public Relations 

CU Magazine Profile Full page profile on SKORA running and the design/development process.

Winter 2012 Issue.

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2013 Gear Junkie OR Show Best in Show, SKORA Phase-X
2013 ISPO BrandNew Finalist, SKORA SS13 Collection
2011 FPO (For Print Only) Award Winner, Letterpress
2007 Volvo SportsDesign AWARD Nominee, Personal Design, at ISPO, for hummel 8.4 PIO FGX
2006 Silver Papyrus Award for hummel 2007 Football Catalog design/printing
2005 Nominee for Footwear Collection of the Year, Global Sportstyle Award, ISPO 05
2005 Nominee for Designer of the Year, Global Sportstyle Awards, ISPO 05
2001 LG Electronics Design Competition, Honorable Mention, connecTOUCH
2001 Life By Design Competition sponsored by Dupont Canada, Finalist, THIN Kettle

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Design Education
Carleton University
Recent Guest Lecturer for 4th Year Minor Projects course (IDES 4301) at Carleton University, School of Industrial Design (Footwear Design for Industrial Designers) in Ottawa.

Course info here

Recent Guest Professor at CEDIM (Centro de Estudios de Diseño de Monterrey) teaching Innovation and Creativity 2 week workshop.

Course material here
CEDIM main site here (In Spanish)

Designers in the Classroom / DX
Guest Design Educator, organizing and leading a Gr. 5 project to bring design theory and practice to the classroom through a 10 week program (4 hours per week) organized by the Design Exchange (DX), in an effort to raise awareness of how design touches our lives everyday. Footwear focused project allowed students to explore the complete design process from target market development to concept design and prototype making.

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