Product DNA
Does your product reflect your brand, even with the logo removed? Does your brand reflect your product?

Product DNA Development considers any new designs in the context of past, existing and future products. In this way brand values and design language are carefully preserved and/or moved forward for strategic purposes.

Establishing and maintaining a consistent Product DNA is key to ensure consistency in design across different product ranges and communicate clearly to the consumer. In addition, a solid DNA and product feature matrix can used by designers to quickly bring new products to market by combining existing concepts/DNA with focused innovation and design.

In developing Product DNA both physical design signatures are standardized as well as emotional product values between and across different categories. The resulting DNA formula and product matrix thereby enables new products to be created using existing family DNA enabling increased market acceptance and leveraging of key marketing concepts across multiple categories for improved revenue opportunities.

A well formed Product DNA looks at all branded products as related members of a family and creates component genes and personalities that can be expressed and shared across categories and markets.